Ways To Motivate Students Read And Write

In most occasions, most parents have students at home, yes, school going children. It is the hope of every parent to see their children succeed in life as they grow. Apart from raising and disciplining the child, one of the other recommended ways of giving a child a better life ahead is by taking them to school so as to gain knowledge and skills.

But sometimes school work can be so boring to the child, especially those who are in the teenage. At this age, what the child wants is to explore his/her talents which may not include school work. Most parents have only entrusted the school work to the school teachers only, but I would advise all parents take part in it. Also, some parents try to use force to make their teens do well in school, which in one way, may make the child feel like their rights to freedom is being oppressed.

Below are some of the best-recommended ways to motivate students to read and write:

1. Buying Books and Magazines.

As a parent, you may start by talking to your child and ask them what they would love to be in the future. After enquiring, it is best to buy magazines, books or any reading materials that are in line with what the child loves. Then motivate them to read to gain some basic knowledge of what they love. I would urge the parents not to be to choose at this point, provided the talent or ambition of the child is not harmful to themselves or the society. Remember, the main aim here is to motivate the child to love reading.

2. Giving Dictations and promise a gift for high marks to motivate students.

Dictation is the act of reading difficult words as the students listen so that they can write down the correct spelling of the words. You may promise a gift to the student who scores high marks in writing the words correctly. It is good to do this more often as the students may want to improve their reading skills so as to get a gift at least even once. Dictation can be done in writing form or spelling the letters of the words correctly. This activity can be done at school or even at home by the parent.

3. Be a Good Role Model.

If you happen to ask the children who their role model is, most of them will say either Mommy or Daddy or both Parents. Well, as a parent, you can set up a reading room at home, also, sit with your students and read together. Most children learn or develop skills by watching. If the students see that you are a good reader or writer, they may also want to do the same because you might be their best model.

4. Schools should encourage for library lessons.

In school, the teachers may enquire from all their students what they would love to be in life, then equip the library with books as per the student’s ambition. When it comes to library lesson, encourage the students to pick a book or an encyclopedia that motivates their ambition. I believe such books can also motivate students to work hard in class work especially in subjects that are in line with what they would want to be in the future.

It is also good to encourage the students to always write down an important point or short notes in every reading session as a reference for the future.

5. Workshops.

Take your students in motivating workshops that involves what they love. As they listen to the speaker, encourage them to listen carefully and write important notes. Buy or encourage the students to buy magazines from the workshop, or even books that are in line with the discussed topic or what the students love.

It is always advised that one should include their children in home activities, working together with them can build encouragement and passion in certain things as they will grow to be responsible. But if you just sit and idle around watching television the children might copy the same trend. It is also best if reading and writing should be inclusive of the home activities. Remember, ‘charity begins at home’, so don’t leave all the school work to the school authorities only. Try to be involved.

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